The company

Italian company specialized in plant nutrition, producer of fertilizers and special formulations for agriculture

Who we are

For over twenty years now, the company has been researching and developing:

  • innovative liquid and powdered fertilizer lines
  • standard and NPK
  • single and complex meso and microelements
  • humic extracts
  • organic fertilisers
  • plantgrowth regulators with amino acid obtained by enzymatichydrolysis

We represent for the Italian market: 

  • JAER, worldwide leader of the iron chelated with EDDHA (in different concentrations orto-orto)
  • BIOIBERICA, worldwide leader of the production amino acid obtained by enzymatichydrolysis

Our strong points are: 

  • the cooperation with leading international laboratories
  • to identify the very latest breakthroughs in the agronomic field  

This field researching work made it possible not only to verify the technical-scientific validity of the products, but also allowed them to be registered with the Italian Ministry of Health, indispensable condition for starting their distribution.

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Reliable and competitive

We promote new products and technical solutions for all agricultural crops with passion and competence.
We accompany our customers in their growth, guaranteeing maximum competitive advantage.

Our purposes:

  • bring the maximum competitive advantage to our customers
  • reduce the impact on the environment
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Research and development

One of our main strengths is research and development.
Through the help of agronomists, chemists and biologists we carry out tests in the laboratory and experimental tests in the field with the collaboration of Official research Authorities.

Our focus is to obtain essential information to develop innovative products, through:

  • improvement of the relationship between costs and benefits
  • great attention to economic and environmental sustainability

In fact, we aim to create products that also bring biological activity and humic components to the soil in order to counteract the ever-increasing productive decline of the land, its progressive destructuring, and its ever-increasing difficulty in processing.

Our technical service is equipped with a structure capable of verifying the product validity of  every year in the field, through hundreds and hundreds of tests and thousands of parcel replications; the results of which have repeatedly led to broadening the spectrum of use also towards sectors that were sometimes not originally foreseen.

Once the field testing is completed, we collect the relevant data, necessary for marketing activities aimed at the commercial launch of the product.

L.E.A. supports scientific research with great conviction and allocates part of the resources to it as a priority.
Continuous investments and energy are reserved for the training and constant updating of collaborators.

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Why choose L.E.A.

Fogliolina Quality assurance

During manufacturing, the key production stages are subject to rigorous quality control procedures and each package is coded according to date and batch as a guarantee for the end customer, and to always be able to subsequently evaluate the traceability of the product.

Fogliolina Technical support to retailers, distributors and agricultural companies

L.E.A. works in Italy and abroad with a group of highly specialized agronomists whose aim is to collaborate with retailers or distributors in the implementation of technical lines, depending on the conditions of the area of interest and to directly support agricultural companies to allow to respond to and improve agronomic needs, always aimed at achieving the maximum profitability it deserves.
Always at the service of customers.
L.E.A. is always available to operators for any clarification and explanation on the use of the products through the competent technician of the area in which it operates.
Dialogue and cooperation with customers is based on mutual trust and represents a source of stimulus for our ability to innovate and to draw the best ideas for perfecting our organisation.
Best possible assistance.
We are always ready to help and advise our customers, but also to listen and share.
Training and updating.
L.E.A. takes care of training and updating on the various aspects of crop nutrition and the correct use of products by organizing specific meetings and refresher courses aimed at technicians, distributors and farmers.

Fogliolina Always at the avant-garde

  • Highly selected products designed for modern agriculture
  • Liquid formulations of high density and stability
  • Micronized powders to give maximum solubility
  • Products that respect the environment and the user
  • Quality at customer service

On the field we demonstrate our strength

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Whom we address

  • Qualified and professional entrepreneurs, reliable for wholesale sales only
  • Dealers and professional agricolture operators 
  • More than 1600 customers all around the world 
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