NIFUR 5-13

Organo-mineral fertiliser

5-13 +6C in suspension

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  • Providing food to the microbiota soil
  • It guarantees a fast and uniform germination
  • It stimulates rooting by promoting in-depth development of the root
  • It allows greater tolerance to cold returns


  • The low pH let the mineral elements already present solubilize
  • It keep clean the fertigation lines


Corn / Industrial crops / Horti crops / Fruit crops / Flowers


ApplicationSoil application
FertiliserOrgano-mineral NP fertiliser
Packing1 l / 5 l / 20 l / 640 l / 1000 l


  • 5% Total nitrogen (N)
  • 1,6% Organic nitrogen (N)
  • 3% Urea nitrogen (N)
  • 13% Total phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5)
  • 13% Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) soluble in water from phosphoric acid
  • 6% Organic carbon (C) of biological origin


A product with an excellent action on the root system

NIFUR 5-13 is a liquid organo-mineral fertiliser, particularly suitable in the early stages of the crop cycle, from transplanting/seeding to rooting. It is also recommended in case of phosphorus needs, such as flowering stage and fruit setting.

The high quality organic component allows to maximize the efficiency of mineral nutrients; thanks to the amino acids contained the organic matter has an excellent action on the root system. This organic substance let the root system grows better and it allows greater tolerance to cold returns, as well as providing food to the microbiota soil.

Finally, the low pH let the mineral elements already present solubilize, as well as keeping clean the fertigation lines.

How to use

NIFUR 5-13 is generally compatible with common products used in agriculture. It is recommended not to apply it with products containing calcium, mineral oils or mixed with alkaline reaction products.

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