Liquid organic fertiliser

NK 1,4-4,7 +18 C

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  • It's a carrier of nutrients
  • It's a desalinazer of saturated soils
  • It strengthen fertilisers mixes
  • It has an anti-stress effect on intensive farming
  • It stabilizes organic matter
  • It ensures good availability of potassium


  • It adjusts the pH
  • It improves soil structure
  • It's a completely organic product


Fruit crops / Vegetable crops / Industrial crops / Floriculture / Greenhouse crops


ApplicationFoliar and soil application
FertiliserLiquid organic fertiliser
Packing1 l / 5 l / 20 l / 640 l / 1000 l


  • 1,4 % Total nitrogen (N)
  • 1,3 % Organic nitrogen (N org)
  • 4,7 % Total potassium oxide (K2O) 
  • 18,0 % Organic carbon (C org)
  • 47,3 % Dry matter
  • 12,9 C org /N Ratio
  • Low in chloride


A product created for the management of the soils

IDROL-VEG® is a product that was created for the management of soils and crops grown on them: it strengthen fertilisers mixes, improves soil structure, is a desalinazer of saturated soils, is a carrier of nutrients and stabilizes organic matter, it adjusts the pH and has an anti-stress effect on intensive farming.

IDROL-VEG® is a completely organic product, a hydrolyzed vegetal fluid extracted from field crops. It contains a fair amount of nitrogen, crucial for building proteins, and a good quantity of potassium, which performs a positive action in all main plant functions (from photosynthesis to breathing, translocation of nutritional elements, cell multiplication and extension, proteic and lipidic metabolism). It ensures good availability of potassium, especially for fruits, vegetables, potatoes, sugar beets, leguminous crops and oil plants. The high content of fulvic acids improves product absorption and rooting.

IDROL-VEG® is a pure vegetal juice blend.

How to use

IDROL-VEG® liquid can be mixed with most common fertilisers and plant protection products including copper (Cu). We suggest performing a compatibility test.

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