VEG-AID 5.15

Organic nitrogen fertiliser

Mixture of fluid nitrogen organic fertiliser N +C 5 +15

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  • It stimulates plant physiology
  • It prevents and solves water and thermal stress damages


  • It allows optimal physiology in the plant cell
  • It has osmoregulation functions into the cell


Drupaceous / Pome fruit / Wine vine / Table grapes / Citrus fruits / Olive trees / Horticultural and floricultural in full field / Horticultural and floricultural in protected culture


ApplicationFoliar application
FertiliserOrganic nitrogen fertiliser
Packing1 l / 5 l / 20 l / 640 l / 1000 l


  • 5 % Total nitrogen (N) 
  • 5 % Organic nitrogen (N)
  • 15 % Organic carbon (C)


A product particularly indicated to prevent and solve water and thermal stress damage

VEG-AID 5.15 is a fertiliser specifically originated from the union of vegetable organic matrices of the highest nutritional value and phytostimulant. In the formulation there are plant complexes derived from the action of yeasts, plant extracts with high content in free amino acids, hormone-like natural substances, hydrolyzed proteins, cold-extract seaweeds and betaine. This particular formulation stimulates plant physiology, especially during development of shoots and ripening of fruits. Particularly indicated to prevent and solve water and thermal stress damage. 

The constant use of VEG-AID 5.15 during fruit formation and growth, allows optimal physiology in the plant cell, allowing the regular generation of all those metabolites that improve the organoleptic characteristics of production. This product has osmoregulation functions into the cell. Indispensable in case of environmental stress in concomitance with other productions. 

How to use

VEG-AID 5.15 can be mixed with common phytosanitary defence and formulations for nutrition. We suggest careful use with products based on copper and sulfur, mineral oils and emulsions. 

In case of mixture we suggest a compatibility test. 

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