L.E.A. is an Italian manufacturer company specialised in plant nutrition. It produces fertilizers and specially-formulated products for agriculture.
For over twenty years now, the company has been researching and developing innovative liquid and powdered fertilizer lines, standard and NPK, single and complex meso and micro elements, humic extracts, organic fertilizers, and plant growth regulators with amino acid obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis.
Thanks to the cooperation with leading international laboratories, L.E.A. is in the position to identify the very latest breakthroughs in the agronomic field, especially formulations for plant physionutrition and new organic phytosanitary products designed to protect crops.
Such research work in the field has made it possible not only to determine the technical-scientific effectiveness of  products, but also to register them at the Italian Ministry of Health, a mandatory condition before distribution.




Our mission is to be in the forefront with the ability to compete in the market, always skillfully and passionately promoting new products and technical solutions for all farm crops, in order to cushion environmental impact and let our customers enjoy the best possible benefits, while accompanying them along the path to development.

L.E.A. staff is engaged in different activities and projects with the aim to achieve complete customer satisfaction and to grant company’s products stand out from the crowd in terms of quality. 





We are focused on lab tests and field trials to obtain essential in- formation for developing innovative products, optimising the cost-benefit ratio with close attention to economic and environmental sustainability. Our technical service can rely on a multilevel organization able to determine the effectiveness of our products through field trials, which output data are used for marketing activities and products commercial launching. 





During manufacture, all key production stages are submitted to stringent quality control procedures and each package is encoded with date and batch number as a guarantee for the customer and to trace the product after delivery.




L.E.A operates both in Italy and abroad with a team of specialised agronomists who work alongside dealers and distributors to implement technical guidelines, those depending on soil and weather conditions in the area. They directly provide farmers with the right advices to cater to and to upgrade agronomic requirements, thus achieving the highest possible levels of profitability.
Dialogue and cooperation with customers is based on mutual trust and represents a challenge for our innovation and for upgrading our organization.
Our philosophy is to help and offer advice, but also to listen and share.
L.E.A provides training and updating on different crop nutrition aspects and on the correct use of products; it organizes specific meetings and refresher courses for technicians, distributors and farmers.